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Catch The MTV - Fast & Gorgeous Divas!...

Catch MTV Fast and Gorgeous divas......check out the contestant wallpapers, wild videos, latest episodes
After a journey of two months, MTV's hunt for four hottest speed divas has finally come to an end, with the declaration of Neha Uppal, Sonam Kapoor, Niyati Thakur and Priyanka Singh as MTV The Fast and The Gorgeous Divas. The last unlucky two who were eliminated out due to least performance in the final task are Sonel Singh and Seher Tibb.
Don't miss MTV The Fast & The Gorgeous final 6 as they prepare for the ultimate race and get to meet the ultimate drivers – The Force India drivers! Watch on as surprises are in store not only for the six fast and the gorgeous girls but also the host!

It's a fight to the finish in the final episode of MTV Force India...The Fast and The Gorgeous, as the last 6 divas get ready to set the track ablaze at Silverstone, London! Fasten your seatbelts as MTV’s style diva and very own fast and gorgeous VJ Anusha Dandekar takes on as anchor at the grand finale! What do the girls have in store for Anusha? Who are the last unlucky 2 to crash out? And finally who are the final 4 winners who will get to travel with the Force India team and cheer them on in every F1 race around the world? Tune in to MTV Force India...The Fast and The Gorgeous, this Sunday at 7pm only on MTV to find out!

After the stupendous success of "Roadies and Splitsvilla" MTV, the unpredictably cool youth destination in partnership with Vijay Mallya-owned Force India - Formula One motor racing team is presenting a brand new adrelina series "MTV Force India: The Fast and The Gorgeous" to kick off the first ever hunt for 4 of the most Stylish, hottest and the FASTEST Girls, to travel with the Force India team and cheer them on in every F1 race! The show is about 20 gorgeous and hot girls fighting out for the ultimate reward. The 4 chosen ones will travel with the Force India team to the Formula One Grand Prix's around the world. What's more… they will also feature on the Force India Calendar to be shot by Atul Kasbekar and the final winner gets a plum role in the next film by Percept Picture Company!

Dr Vijay Mallya, Chairman Force India Formula Team speaking at the event said Force India epitomizes the young and young at heart of the country and is India's first truly global foray at the pinnacle of the sport. Force India combines aspiration, glamour and excellence in a heady blend. In our effort to reach out to the millions of young Indians who constitute the force of New India, we are proud to partner with MTV and present India's most innovative reality show, The Fast and The Gorgeous.

Ashish Patil, GM and Sr. VP Creative & Content, MTV India said, "Youth today love speed and an adrenaline rush. Formula 1 is sport that delivers both and how! MTV's always been the first off the block to give its audience what it wants. We're proud to join hands with Force India to announce our biggest new reality series 'MTV FORCE INDIA THE FAST & THE GORGEOUS', which will hunt down 4 lucky girls as the face of India's premieure Formula One team and showcase the sport to Indian audiences in a never before style. Ready, steady, GO!"
Hosted by MTV's most hottest VJ Rannvijay Singh this fast paced reality show's each episode features tasks inspired by racing countries and centred around speed, for instance, beer runs if the country is Germany, Pizza fights if Italy, Sushi war if Japan etc. The least performing contestants are put into a "crash zone" and are eliminated basis votes from the other contestants. Twists, double eliminations, surprise entries, cat fights, speed, speed and speed…this show has it all!

In the very first episode, broadcasted on 17th May, the contestants met each other for the first time and were asked to choose their roommates. The first qualifier task required the girls to drive remote controlled cars from point A to point B; the player controlling the car is blindfolded, helped only by the directions of her team mates! If you want to find out what's more in store for these beauties! Tune in to the further episode of MTV Force India… The Fast and The Gorgeous every Sunday at 7pm only on MTV!

MTV has defined youth culture since its very beginning. When it started, MTV portrayed the coolest and most "in" rock stars, people that young generation looked up to and followed, whereas now it has branched into the lives of celebrities and reality shows that depict youth thrown into houses and various situations to see how they react.

MTV India which is a major departure of MTV's earlier avatar in 1991 has consistently positioned itself as a youth channel, catering to the Indian youth with its mixed offerings of music and non-music programming (Bollywood, adventure, humour, fashion & style and fiction), the channel has become preferred platform by the advertisers to reach out to 90% of Indian youth.